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Monark´s Cargo serie is designed for professional users in the city, the Charles is the flexible cargo tool in urban environment, made in Sweden with proud craftmanship. The Charles comes with an open loading platform 50×70 cm, it carries up to 100 kg load and is equipped with a powerfull fat front wheel for comfortable driving on bumpy city roads, it is shock absorbing. Wire steering makes sure you are flexible and easy manouvres through narrow places with a small turning circle. The Charles is designed after Monarks TCO Long John, the father to all long john models and was in production untill the early 2000. A sleek design with maximum performance!

  • Année 2023
  • Origine Suède
  • Prix à partir de 4500 €

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Dimensions du modèle

  • Longueur254 cm
  • Largeurfrom 52 to 70 cm
  • Hauteur100 cm


  • Poids à vide49 kg
  • Charge utile max100 kg
  • Volume utile max-


  • Marque de la batterieSHIMANO
  • Capacité de la batterie504 wH
  • Autonomie batterieFrom 50 to 80 km


  • Marque du moteurSHIMANO
  • Puissance nominale250 W
  • Couple maxi65 Nm
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